Smoothie bike hire, adding fun to events and encouraging active, healthy and sustainable lifestyles

What we do

  • We provide an experienced and exciting events service and provide healthy and delicious smoothie refreshment to your event.

    Our smoothie bikes offer a great way to promote the message of living a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle and our energetic and passionate staff ensure our service creates a real buzz and is a big hit at the various events we attend.

    Our smoothie bikes are available to hire for Wellness days, Expos, Conferences, Trade Show’s, Sport events, Brand activations, School events and Community days.

Blendavenda Smoothie Bike

  • The saddle

    We use extra large saddles for comfort with hand finished leather covers which offer a very classy finish.

  • The Handle bars

    The handle bars are swept back for style with hand stitched leather bar grips to match the saddle.

  • The Blender

    We use Omni Blend blending jugs. We have found these jugs produce excellent results and are easy to pour and clean. They are also fully compatible with Omni Blend motors.

  • The disc

    The disc wheel is not only for safety meaning no spinning spokes, but is also a great feature for printing your corporate logo or message.

  • The chain guard

    The fully enclosed chain guard offers complete safety from the chain and is also a great feature for positioning a corporate logo and name.

  • The frame

    The frame has curves in all the right places making it great to look at. The frame can be custom coloured to fit your corporate identity

  • The legs

    Our extra wide legs are 100% safe & stable and are easily detachable for storage. The  legs also have height adjustments at all 4 contact points to eliminate rocking on an uneven surface.

The history of Blendavenda

  • Blendavenda Smoothie Bikes is UK’s original smoothie bike company and has been operating in the UK since 2003 and in South Africa since 2010. The original idea of linking a bike with a blender was invented by Tom Briggs and grew out of his passion for cycling, health and well-being, and his experience in engineering.

Blendavenda Staff


Tom is an avid road cyclist and taps out 100’s of miles every week. He has ridden alongside famous cyclists over a number of years at the Cape Argos and won a number of prizes for time trials and road race. Chapeau!


Jon (aka Ollie) leads an active and healthy lifestyle. His main passion is also road cycling and he’s enjoyed a number of charity bike rides such as the Pru 100. Previously Jon worked in financial planning specialising in pensions and is a Chartered Financial Planner.


Aron has a very active lifestyle walking and running up to a 100 miles a week. Biking is his life hobby alongside motorsports. He’s dedicated his life to making healthy habits and helping others do the same!

Satisfied Clients